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This new edition of our web site comes at a moment of exciting new developments, and testifies to the determination of MARTIN & C. to keep pace with fast moving markets and technologies. In this business context, MARTIN & C. look to the future with pragmatic optimism, drawing on over 70 years of experience in the fields of work, research and customer service.


Technical and commercial problems arising from globalisation and the ever increasing aggressiveness of competitors around the world are yet another reason to do our best. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for consulting our web site, which we are confident not only reflects our professionalism but also the quality of our products.


Balls,steel Balls,precision Balls

precision steel Balls,Balls,inox Balls

Balls,plastic Balls,chrome Balls,steel Balls

precision Balls,Balls,steel Balls


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stell balls, miniature balls

balls, plastc balls

precision steel balls, inox balls

chrome balls, steel balls