Given the variety of companies present on the market, it is values such as experience, passion, and attention to detail that make the difference.

The name MARTIN is synonymous with quality, high-technology and outstanding service, and our company philosophy is now, more than ever, to offer total satisfaction even to the most demanding customers.


Martin Balls manufactures industrial and technical products, high precision ball.

The equipment includes high-technology machinery of all sizes, enabling it to produce large and small batches in various types, materials and quantities.


In order to achieve our high standards, MARTIN INC. places great importance on the quality of its human resources in every company process.

Our staff are part of a hand-picked, closely knit workgroup ready to find the solution to any techical or commercial query in a professional way.

The history

MARTIN & C. was founded as a manufacturing engineering company in 1933, when the Martin brothers set up a mechanical plant for the production of steel products, and later balls and micro-balls with multiple industrial applications. Originally located in Pinerolo, the company was extended and transferred to Turin; in 1943, because of the war, it was moved to the village of Porte, birthplace of the founders, who had meanwhile managed to find an abandoned factory large enough for production and commercial activities.

In the next thirty years, the factory saw two major expansions aimed at streamlining production and internal organisation, and after various changes to the company’s status, it finally became a limited company in 1980.
MARTIN & C. became particularly successful in the immediate post-war period with the production of stainless-steel micro-balls for pen nibs and high-precision balls for bearings and micro-bearings.
The rapidly expanding market at the time ensured genuine productive and commercial success for the company.

MARTIN & C., today run by brothers Marco and Massimo Martin, has extensive experience in the field of high-precision ball production, in all types of materials and with diameters ranging from 0.20 mm to 152.4 mm (6”).
During the nineties, MARTIN & C. gradually moved production to its new premises in Perosa Argentina, a plant designed to offer both the efficiency and versatility required by the modern market.

Environmental policy

MARTIN & C. S.p.A., aware of the need to preserve the environment, and in line with the principles of sustainable development and LCA (product life cycle) undertakes to define and maintain an active environmental management system aimed at ensuring continuous improvement of its environmental performance and compliance with all relevant regulatory provisions.
The principles of action that the company intends to follow are:

Adopt a global and multilateral approach to environmental issues inherent in the production and marketing of steel balls and other materials

Optimize the management of waste produced during the production cycle (partial or total) carried out in our factory

Rationalize the consumption of resources and energy

Prevent, when possible, environmental emergencies

Contribute to the diffusion of greater environmental awareness among the interested parties, in particular the suppliers of Italian and foreign raw materials, semi-finished products or finished spheres.

Interacting in the best possible way with our customers in order to always supply the most suitable product for the real technical needs of the end user. This effort is part of the 360-degree rationalization of our service with the aim of improving the life of the final product, reducing user costs and minimizing waste and waste of resources and raw materials in the overall life cycle .

To ensure compliance with these principles, the company intends to:

  • Adopt a preventive approach to the management of environmental issues by periodically carrying out analyzes of the company context
  • Use the best available technologies as long as they are economically compatible
  • Train and motivate internal and external staff so that any work activity is carried out in line with the principles of this policy
  • Train and motivate internal and external staff so that any work activity is carried out in line with the principles of this policy
  • Valutare preventivamente gli impatti ambientali dei nuovi impianti, sostanze e materiali utilizzati
  • Exercise strong awareness work towards suppliers of any kind
  • To undertake external initiatives necessary for the development of environmental awareness also through the dissemination of this document

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